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How to grow and boot the arse out of life!

June 7, 2016

In sport, there’s a point in human performance known as the Challenge Point.  It’s the point where the performer experiences a jarring between their expectations of how things “should” be going (ie their assumptions about their performance) and how things are actually panning out.

How do they know they’ve reached it?  Simple: it feels uncomfortable.

But of course, this phenomenon isn’t just relevant to sport performers.  As human beings, we’re continually living in the real world…or not if we take the easy road.  And if we’re engaged in our lives, we will feel the Challenge Point at some point.  We will feel that subtle gnawing in our mind and body that something isn’t quite right.  That’s life asking you to adapt.  To change.  To grow.

Here’s the catch.  To find our challenge point in life we have to be open to it.  But, if we pursue the goals of

  • habit creation (which are efficient but ultimately mindless forms of behaviour)


  • hedonism (the belief that we should do that which makes us feel good)

…then we limit our own possibility for growth.

Human beings can be and are better than that.

That’s why, following the success of the seminar series “How To Boot The Arse Out Of Life”, we are running it again from Tuesday 12th July.

Limited to just 8 people, book visiting our seminars page

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