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Using those strengths you’ve probably overlooked…

December 21, 2018

Milton Erickson once said “what is easiest to see is often overlooked” and nicely sums up many people relationship towards thier own strengths. When we overlook our strengths, we give up not just a cruical source of confidence but also a possible competitive advantage in our field of performance.

Ignore them at your peril….or have a read of our stengths-based Instagram posts that were put out recently to start spotting your own strengths.

Playing to your strengths is the smallest change that can make the biggest difference in business, life and sport.  We lack a language for strengths and therefore tend to miss them in our day to day lives. Start by spotting your strengths by noting times: 

🧠 when you thrive whilst others struggle

🧠 when you feel energised

🧠 when you feel your “truest” self

🧠 when you lose sense of time

🧠 you demonstrate excellence in performance

🧠 when you continually prioritise a task above others

So, whats your greatest strength? 💪


Performance reviews, appraisals and personal reflections often orientate around our weaknesses.  We can work on these all we want, but they’ll never be our strengths.  Aim to get them “good enough” and refocus on strengths.

What weaknesses are frequently the focus of your attention and development? What are you neglecting by focusing on these? What would happen if you adjusted the balance?


Here’s a thought: what if your weaknesses were actually over played strengths? If you started from that assumption, what might you do differently?

Maybe weaknesses are strengths that we over doing…


Optimal environments play to peoples strengths, encouraging their use as often as possible, giving each person the space to stretch a bit without overplaying them.  

Weaknesses are either brought to a “good enough” standard or made redundant by a strength.  But managers, coaches, leader and colleagues would benefit from beginning to spot the strengths of others, pointing it out and starting a dialogue around them.

Task: compliment someones greatest strength today – see what happens…


“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact”
– Arthur Conan Doyle

What do you do each day that engages your strengths?
What differences does it make to the way you think? Feel? Act? To others around you?

Don’t use them everyday? …Maybe it’s time to change?



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