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June 28, 2021

Andy’s Story

Andy has a real passion for helping people understand themselves and getting the results they’re after in life, sport and business.

It all stemmed from the first time Andy picked up a Sport Psychology handbook when he was 15 – a book that he regularly hid in the textbook used whilst in French class.

Since then, he’s been hooked on how the mind impacts our ability to be confident, act with courage, trust ourselves and ultimately get results.

This has led Andy to implement psychological principles in a range of settings from football clubs, business owners to mental health charities, providing Andy with a wide range of experience.

Andy is a chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist (BPS), based in Edinburgh and has a degree in Psychology, Masters degree in Sport Psychology along with a diploma in Performance Coaching.

Andy’s Approach

  • Andy’s approach is holistic and considers all aspects of a person’s life which they say is important and impacts their ability to deliver optimal performances.
  • All work is based on the needs of the client. There are no shortcuts or magic techniques taken “off the shelf”.
  • Andy works collaboratively with you meaning we can get going in a way that is best suited to you and orientated towards what you want from our work together.
  • Andy’s approach is informed by existential, humanistic and solution-focused principles and is keen to build on your own knowledge, skills, strengths, competencies and resources.
  • Andy’s values include collaboration, responsibility, honesty and personal development.

‘Everyone should have their own Andy’

Coaching Client


Sport Psychology has developed rapidly in recent years both in its profile and professionalism, psychologists can now be accredited by recognised industry bodies such as British Psychology Society (BPS) and British Association (BASES).

Andy is an accredited psychologists with the BPS and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and strongly recommends that any prospective client researches these schemes before consulting with a psychologist; accreditation not only verifies the professionalism of the psychologist but also ensures they are duty bound to prioritise the welfare of the athlete above all else.

He is also currently completing an MSc in counselling at Abertay University and brings therapeutic principles to all client work.

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