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Personal Development Seminars

June 28, 2021

Personal development with one goal in mind: being a 10 as often as possible.

We’re big fans of personal development. However, we often think that it’s benefits can be overlooked.

In fact, at Simply Perform, we believe that approaching Personal Development (or Continuing Professional Development – whatever floats your boat) solely as a means to improve performance (or the bottom line) misses the mark.

It’s about the person. Yes, if done well then performance/bottom line will be impacted but more importantly, the whole person would have developed. It becomes less about filling the person up with the latest “techniques” and more about developing their character to act, spontaneously to the demands they face.

We regularly run the seminar series “How to Boot the Arse Out of Life” which helps people be a 10 more consistently. See below for information on the next series.

It’s about making people resilient rather than just robust. Adaptable rather than static.

Or, as we like to put it, it’s about helping people be a 10 in the face of the challenges of sport, business or life.


“I would highly recommend this seminar series or similar courses that Andy might run in the future to anyone looking to undertake some meaningful personal or professional development.”

“Fantastic course – came away with personal takeaways and ways to apply techniques, something that I’ve found lacking in other courses” 

“Don’t read a library – visit Andy’s seminars to get you started as you begin to boot the arse out of life”

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