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Spotlight Personality Profiling

October 6, 2018

When there’s something to win or lose, people change.

Spotlight helps people and teams play to their strengths, adapt to ever changing contexts and develop people towards excellence in business, life and sport.

Central to the Spotlight personality profiling tool are the FLEX and COPE models.  These reflect the behavioural styles and mindsets we draw from when we find ourselves in those pressure moments and are challenged to be at our best to move forwards.

It’s all about moving

By understanding your Spotlight profile, you can gain insight into:

  • Your personal “Performance Preferences
  • How you can reignite your major motivations in work, life and sport
  • What your primary strengths are and when to draw from them more often
  • Where your strengths may be being overplayed and turning into weaknesses
  • The likely blind spots in how you respond to challenges
  • How you come to make decisions which may mean you neglect alternative view points
  • Your strengths in the face of setbacks and adversities and how you could proactively develop your resilience

Spotlight profiling isn’t about putting people into boxes.  It’s about encouraging adaptation in today’s dynamic and fast changing environments.


Spotlight workshops with teams can bring the following benefits:

  • Clarity on what each team member has to offer when the pressure is on and how this may be developed more in the real world
  • How to optimise communication with teammates to complement their performance preferences
  • A team map, detailing each member’s performance preferences in relation to one another
  • An understanding of team dynamics around individuals’ blind spots and how the team could better adapt to accommodate these
  • How to create an environment that provides enough wriggle room for people to use their strengths to drive the team forward
  • Development of problem-solving strategies that is responsive and plays to everyone’s unique performance preferences


When done with individuals, Spotlight serves as a coaching journey taking you from average to excellent.  It offers the individual the ability to understand themselves in work, life and sport as well as identifying possible ways they can continue their development.  Benefits may include:

  • Clarity on the drivers that get you up in the morning, some of which you may have been neglecting recently
  • Your dominant ways of being resilient in the face of adversities and how you can develop this further
  • What your strengths are, including your super-strengths, and how you could draw from these more often when there’s something to win or lose
  • The stressors that stop you in your tracks and how you can develop alternative frames from which to see them and subsequently address them more productively
  • Where you draw your confidence from and how you can take it one step further and develop more robust confidence

It’s not about where you are,

it’s about where you can move to.



Spotlight Personality Profiling

When there's something to win or lose, people change. How do you?


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