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Batman: Three Lessons on Successful Performance

May 11, 2017

When things are tough, their tough. Our problems can come to dominate our view of the world, our relationships and sense of self. They touch everything and anything. The relating and associative capabilities of the mind knows no bounds. And yet, change is possible. Maybe not overnight. Nor instantly. But still possible. Subtly. It may […]

Milton Erickson once said “what is easiest to see is often overlooked” and nicely sums up many people relationship towards thier own strengths. When we overlook our strengths, we give up not just a cruical source of confidence but also a possible competitive advantage in our field of performance. Ignore them at your peril….or have […]

I was watching the legendary David Attenborough’s new show, “Dynasties” on BBC One last week with my beautiful wife.  The episode followed a chimpanzee “known as Dave”, according to Dave.  My initial reaction was: “aye, by who exactly?” but didn’t let my scepticism detract from the unfolding drama.  (Turns out he’s been followed by researchers […]

When doing a pitch, presentation or anything to an audience: what are you thinking about? When doing presentations, I’m that guy who tends to stand up, come across confident in my style (…hopefully..) but in my mind, I was scanning.  Not for those smiles, nods and faces of curiosity.  I was scanning for the frown, […]

My least preferred mode of transport is flying.  Not out of a fear of likely death if anything goes wrong but because of the confined space in a tin.  Being 6ft 2, it’s not up my street. With that, I’m always fascinated by how NASA psychologically prepare their astronauts for long-duration missions.  What do they […]

For some, confidence is something that appears to come easy to them.  For others, it’s the prized possession that they lack and if only they could get it then…. But in my applied work, I hear many errors that people make about confidence.  These errors then stand in their way of not only becoming “more […]

Lessons that we can all learn and apply to our own life can be found in many success stories.  The Olympic and Paralympic games are full to the brim of such stories, each containing a degree of generic principles and lessons which, once identified, provide us with possible tips on how to reach their own […]

Confidence is over rated.  Really, it is. Why? Because “being confident” fails to account for that “thing” that gets the ball rolling and keeps it rolling especially through difficulties. Those moments take more than confidence, they take courage. Derived from the Latin for heart (“cor”), it is courage that fills us with the energy (sometimes nervous […]

In sport, there’s a point in human performance known as the Challenge Point.  It’s the point where the performer experiences a jarring between their expectations of how things “should” be going (ie their assumptions about their performance) and how things are actually panning out. How do they know they’ve reached it?  Simple: it feels uncomfortable. But of […]

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