Sometimes, in the pursuit of achieving our goals, things can get tough.

Whether it’s a change in circumstances like becoming a new parent, the breakdown of a significant relationship, looming retirement, burnout from a relentless training schedule or untamed demons from the past.

To others, on the outside, you maybe seem ‘fine’, but your sense of depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, and confusion may be increasingly hurting more and more.

Perhaps you cope with these experiences by doing things that give you short-term relief, but may exacerbate the problem. Perhaps you train more, or harder – increasing your risk of injury and at the cost of meaningful relationships elsewhere in your life.

Or maybe you drink more, reducing the pain in the short term but impacting your physical and mental health in the long term.

Or maybe you spend so much time in your head trying to ‘figure it all out’ that life and what you most care about slips by.

These are understandable actions in the face of emotionally challenging circumstances.

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