How Guinness Adverts Can Help You OWN Those “Choice Points” In Life

Love a Guiness advert, I do.

But before that, a short story:

An athlete once expressed a simple frustration:

I should go to X and compete, but I’d rather do Y.

We spent time unpicking why he thinks he should go to X (the event) and of course the usual reasons came up.  The main one: the expectation of others.

And so we wrestled with this for a while, thinking about what the best choice would be come Wednesday when he needed to decide whether to compete at X or not.

We were getting nowhere.  Should he choose to go to X, or should he do Y.

X ….or Y….X….or Y….X…

So I thought I’d throw in a question:

What if it’s not really a choice between X and Y, but rather, a choice between the type of person that chooses X or the type of person that chooses Y – so, who do you want to be?

His face dropped.  He got it.

Choice Points occur at all moments in our lives: in whether you go to the gym or not?  Speak kindly or not?  Read or not?  Act this way or that way?  Do this or do that? Speak up, or sit down?  Stay in a job or leave?  Each choice holding in them, more than just the “mundane” surface-level choice, but also the next piece in the sculpture of ourselves….oh, deep.

But, hey – Guinness knows that! …and so does the athlete, who did “X” – and set a new PB.

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