How I Work

If we were to work together, my goal would be to help you move towards your desired outcomes from our work. Whether this is to improve performance, manage anxiety or regain your enjoyment of your sport – you are in charge of the direction we’d go in.

I operate on a ‘single session’ basis, which means that I take it one session at a time, letting you decide whether follow-up sessions are needed. Whilst the number of sessions required for you to reach your desired outcomes varies from person to person, you should see improvements by 3 – 5 sessions, with many often noticing improvements after 1 or 2.

All sessions are:

  • Done online using Microsoft Teams
  • 1-hour long
  • £90 per session

The initial call

All prospective clients are offered a free initial call which lasts ~15 minutes. During this call, I’ll be curious to hear how you make sense of your challenges, what your goals are for our work and how you think we can work together in a way that works for you. I may have ideas myself and will offer them as possibilities to complement your own.

During this call, you can also ask me any questions to be sure that you’re happy that the service I provide and my approach suits you. There’d be no hard sell on this call – just a chance to ‘eyeball’ one another to sense whether there’s a good enough fit between us.

The first session

At our first session, I’ll be keen to get much clearer on what your best hopes are from us working together, so we can make sure we’re truly on the same page and ensure your desired outcomes are centre stage. We’d spend some time discussing this and get a measure of where you feel you currently are in relation to your hopes.

We’ll also spend some time looking at specific areas we could work on that may help you reach your goals. Crucially, you are not a passer-by in this process. I’ll be keen to have your ideas on the table too so that together, we can develop a service that suits you. We can also discuss whether between-sessions tasks may be helpful and negotiate what form these may take that would fit your circumstances.

Towards the end of the session, I’ll be keen to hear your feedback of how the session was. What seemed helpful? What wasn’t so helpful? What might we do differently next time? I really value this feedback as it helps me adjust my approach to suit your preferences in any future sessions.

Follow-up sessions

Should you want any follow-up sessions, these can be arranged at the end of the previous session or via email afterwards. I don’t sell people into any ‘packages’ and keep my service flexible to meet your circumstances.

If we have a follow-up session, I’ll be curious to hear about any meaningful differences you’ve noticed since our last session and how you managed to do these. I’ll also be keen to hear what you think we need to work on in this session that’ll make a difference for you. And again, feedback at the end of these sessions will also be sought.

Ending Feedback

If after a session I don’t hear back from you after 1 month, I’ll send an email with a Google Forms link, asking you to evaluate our work overall. Again, this helps me continue to develop my service.

If you receive this email, you are still welcome to rebook future sessions as and when you need them.

About my approach

My approach is pluralistic, meaning that I work with you to understand your context and what you think will help. Crucially, this means that the relationship between you and me is one of partnership, where we both bring ideas and experiences to the table to help you move towards your goals. I strongly believe that clients are not passive in the change process and are, instead, active contributors to meaningful change.

I draw from a range of theories, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) and person-centred therapy. My personal values include collaboration, responsibility, honesty and personal development.

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