Sport Psychology Support

I help people excel at what they care about by providing online sport psychology support to a range of amateur and professional athletes and coaches.

Central to my approach is on working collaboratively with clients towards helping them achieve their goals by drawing on their existing (but often neglected) competencies, strengths, resilience, and character.

Common areas where sport psychology may help athletes and coaches include:

  • Increasing confidence and trust in own ability to perform
  • Managing emotions such as nerves, anger or frustration
  • To consider the ‘meaning’ of their emotions and what it suggests about their goals, values and how they show up in their performance domain
  • Understanding and clarifying motivation and the factors that influence them
  • Helping athletes let go of mistakes and refocus on what’s important
  • Understanding their behaviours, how they came to be and consider what they could do differently
  • Identifying optimal mindsets for training and competition, respectively

All client work is based on the client’s unique needs and context and is conducted online via Microsoft Teams.

Sessions cost £90 per 1-hour session.

Workshops for amateur clubs: £600 (inc. preparation and delivery)

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