Who’s the real hero of this psych stuff?

Psychology can be alluring. Its insights can help explain and make sense of people’s problems and provide structure to what can feel like chaos (to both clients and therapists). It can provide a sense of hope that there’s something ‘out there’ that could help people overcome their difficulties, achieve their goals and make changes. AndContinue reading “Who’s the real hero of this psych stuff?”

A note on self esteem.

Overly positive self help books that promote positive thinking as a panacea for all human woes can be grating (think, “The Secret”). But the jotion of self esteem posited by Nahon and Lander (2005) is one that sticks. They suggest that self esteem is a global rating of the self and stems from having selfContinue reading “A note on self esteem.”

On Values

Over the past year, I’ve been intelletually captured by the work of Danielle Nahon and Nedra Lander (2005). Their work, building on that of O. H. Mower, focuses on the curical role of Integrity in our mental well-being, way of living and relationships with others. There are just two fundamental beliefs central to the IntegrityContinue reading “On Values”